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Complete replacement filter package for Jett Water Systems  75 GPD 10 Stage alkaline H2 water system.

Replacement Filter Package (H2 Infuse 10 Stage Alkaline Water Ionizers)

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Replacement Filters
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  • Replacement  filter package for Jett Water Systems 75 GPD 10 Stage alkaline H2 water systems.

    The package includes the following,

    • 1-Super capacity 2.5" x 9.875" spun polypropylene 5 micron sediment filter (Pentair, Suez, Clack, or Hydronix). Replace annually or when a noticeable reduction of water flow to the RO membrane housing is observed. 
    • 2 - KX Matrikx CTO high capacity 2.5" x 9.75" 5 micron coconut shell activated carbon block filter (P/N 32-250-10-MATRIKX). Capacity 7500 gallons.
    • 1- UltraPure IEX Cation Exchange Filter (P/N CIEX-2.5x12). Capacity 1500 gallons.
    • 1- 2.5" x 12" Alkaline, remineralized, H2 Water Filter (P/N REJUV H2-2.5x12). Capacity 1500 gallons. 
    • 1- Quantum RO 2" x 10" Quantum Disinfection Antimicrobial Filter 2" x 10" (P/N QDF-10). Quantum-RO replaces Clarify-RO QDF filter. Capacity 1500 gallons.
    • 1 -(Optional)Dow Filmtec BW60-1812-75 or Filmtec 1812-75 High Rejection Membrane for hard water applications.

    NOTE: Membrane replacement frequency is dependent upon water usage and water quality. Frequency of membrane replaces with hard municipal water or well water. For homes with hard water, we recommend Aqualast 1812-75 RO membrane.