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Aquatec 5 amp transformer for converting 115 VAC input to 24VAC output. For use with Aquatec DDP-8800 demand and delivery pump. A larger transformer is required for the DDP 5800 pump, due to the larger current draw. We do not recommend using the 3A transformer with this pump, as the transformer may overheat under high load conditions.

Note: The current photo does not represent the transformer. This transformer is substantially larger and heavier than the transformer in the photo.

Aquatec DDP-5800 Demand and Delivery Pump 24VAC Transformer

Artikelnummer: DDP-5800-5A
    • Transformer for Aquatec DDP 5800 Series Demand and Delivery Pump
    • Input:  115V 60Hz 53 watts
    • Output:  AC 24v 5 amp