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Fossilized coral minerals from above-sea, naturally occurring deposits. These deposits are geologically thrust upward over centuries, forming coral islands. This type of above sea coral undergoes natural purification through exposure to the sun’s energy-producing cosmic rays. As a result, it is unaffected by underwater pollution. This is an all-natural food grade source of calcium, that doesn’t harm delicate marine ecosystems. We value the sea and coral reefs. This why our labels read, “EcoSafe™” as part of a certificate from FRIENDS of the SEA. Coral Calcium is the most absorable form of calcium, containing 24% Calcium, 12% Magnesium, and 70+ trace minerals.  Available in 1-10 lb packages.

EcoSafe Certified Fossilized Sea Coral

Package Weight
  • Granular EcoSafe Fossilized sea coral harvested from above sea level coral beds.

    • Most absorble form of calcium available
    • 24% Magnesium
    • 12% Calcium
    • 70+ trace minerals
    • 16-40 mesh granules
    • Off white to tan appearance
    • Free flowing
    • Minimal dust and fines
    • Excellent for use as water filter media and mineral supplement powder.
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