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Poor RO water flow from the faucet is likely due to an undersized water delivery system. The Jett Water Systems Hi-Flo kit will increase the delivery rate from RO storage tank to faucet by 225%! No faucet change required. 

Note: If your RO system contains a GAC polishing filter, a 3/8" inlet/outlet filter is required. The filter can be purchased, as a option, with the kit.

HI-FLO Kit for RO Systems with Storage Tank

Faucet Connection
GAC Polishing Filter
  • The Jett Water Systems HI-FLO kit comes standard with the following,

    • Premium John Guest tank shutoff valve 3/8" QC x 1/4" female NPT
    • Premium John Guest 3/8" QC x 7/16"-24 faucet adaptor.
    • Premium John Guest 3/8" QC x 1/4" QC x 3/8" QC reducing "Tee"
    • 10' of food grade 3/8" LLDPE tubing (blue)
    • 10" x 2" Omnipure GAC filter (3/8" inlet/outlet) - optional