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Historically Alkaline, Antioxidant water was only available from expensive Water Ionizers. Much of the purported health benefits of Alkaline water were actually due to antioxidants formed during water ionization. With the exception of improved hydration and a small impact on acid reflux, the health benefits from ionized water were a result of the production of Molecular Hydrogen. Over 500 peer reviewed and published studies support the medical claims that Molecular Hydrogen is the key to disease prevention, reduction in inflammation, and reduction in oxidative stress. REJUV H2, is the first and only water filter to provide the health benefits of Molecular Hydrogen, without the need for expensive water ionizers. REJUV H2 filter cartridge (2.5" x 10") creates a wonderfully refreshing mineral rich antioxidant water, containing 0.7-1.2 ppm molecular hydrogen, and a moderately aklaline pH of 8.5-9.5. See the full product details below of this revolutionary product.

REJUV H2 Cartridge

Artikelnummer: JWS-2030-REJUVH2
    • REJUV H2 is an ALL NATURAL Alkaline, Remineralization, and Anti-oxidant water filter containing a propriety formulated blend of EcoSafe Certified Fossilized Sea Coral, 99.9%+ purity magnesium, and natural alkaline stones.
    • Fossilized Sea Coral, sourced above sea level from the Caribbean,  contains 24% Calcium, 12% magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals.
    • Sea Coral Calcium has the highest absorption rate of any form of Calcium.
    • Our propriety blend accelerates dissolution of the formulation, resulting in a wonderfully refreshing tasting water, with just the right level of healthy minerals, a moderately alkaline pH (8.5-9.5), and 0.7-1.2 ppm of  Molecular Hydrogen. 
    • REJUV H2 Filter Cartridge is suitable for use with SlimLine and Standard 10" filter housings. Installation instructions are provided with each filter cartridge
    • REJUV H2 should be replaced after 8000 L or 2 years.