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2.5" x 10" UltraPure KDF filter cartridge is a customer blend of KDF-85, Catalytic Carbon, and Calcite. The filter is exceptional for elimination of flat, bitter tasting water common to tankless RO systems.


UltraPure KDF Replacement Filter Cartridge

Artikelnummer: JWS-2039-2.5x10
  • Custom formulated 3 Stage KDF-85/Catalytic Carbon/Calcite filter cartridge for Tankless RO systems. This filter was developed specifically for the purposes of,

    • Elimination of dissolved gases containing sulfur and amine compounds not removed by RO system pre-filters or reverse osmosis membrane. The contaminants are potential toxins, causing odors in RO water and imparts a bitter, astrigent taste.

    • Acid neutralization and remineralization of RO water. RO water has no minerals, is acidic, and corrosive. As a result the water has an acidic pH and flat taste. While standard granulated activated carbon filters will remove some contaminants, UltraPure KDF is significantly more effective at contaminant removal, re-introduces healthy minerals, and neutralizes water acidity.
    • Optimize performance of our proprietary REJUV H2 alkaline, re-mineralization, anti-oxidant filter. The composition of our UltraPure KDF filter cartridge optimizes hydrogen production from REJUV H2 by inhibiting oxidation of Magnesium.

    The filter may be used as a stand alone post filter, eliminating the need for granulated activated carbon (GAC) post filters, or employed as a pre-filter to alkaline post filters to prevent decomposition of the alkaline media and resulting offensive taste/odors. 

    If you have experienced offensive RO water taste/odors, desire to reduce RO water acidity, and reintroduce minerals, or want the highest purity water available through elimination of potentially toxic sulfur and amine compounds, not removed by the RO membrane, you should seriously consider this filter. We have successfully treated problematic RO water for a number of our customers and are confident this filter will work for you too.

    Filter/Performance Characteristics

    • Materials of Construction - Injection molded food grade virgin polypropylene
    • NSF certified KDF-85 (0.5 lbs), Coconut Shell Granulated Catalytic Carbon, Calcite
    • Dimensions - 2.5" x 10"
    • Maximum Flow Rate - 1 GPM
    • Maximum Operating Pressure - 120 psi
    • Maximum Operating Temperature - 100F
    • Minimum Operating Temperature - 35F

    • Capacity - 4000 gallons